Creating a “like-worthy” Instagram




Founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010, Instagram has now grown to be the #1 photo social platform in the world (Geoff, 2014). A platform that allows you to upload, edit and create a caption for your photos, Instagram has become a leading force in social media. Instagram is incredibly easy to navigate, as you simply upload a photo of your choice, choose which filter/ edit you want to use, create a caption and share with your followers. Becoming Instagram famous and developing interesting content is no easy task, but there are ways to break down the ways to create “like-worthy” content.

Small steps to create a “like-worthy” Instagram:

  • When creating an Instagram account, be sure to pick a name and avatar that express who you are as well as pertains to what we will discuss in our next step. If you love cooking, perhaps make your photo of you holding a cake.
  • The second step in creating a popular Instagram, is to figure out an overall theme for your page. Specialize in something you are passionate about, and fans will always find their way to your account. To maximize the amount of users discovering your page, include relevant hashtags in your posts. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for #cats and it leading to a page for tandem skydiving.
  • Next comes the content. Posting pictures related to your theme is important, but in addition you should take control of all the editing features that Instagram offers. Use the crop function to focus on the most important part of the photo, and test out the platform’s many filters to make your picture more vibrant and interesting.

In relation to tagging your posts, be very careful when geotagging. As a rule of thumb, I will normally post a geotagged picture after I have left the area. As your account continues to gain fans and followers, consider your safety before telling the world where you are at that exact moment.

An example of a successful, “like-worthy” Instagram campaign would be Starbucks white cup challenge of 2014. According to “the contest encourages customers in the U.S. and Canada to decorate a Starbucks cup with customized art, take a photo of it, and submit the design through social media using #WhiteCupContest” (Starbucks, 2014). The campaign showcased the work of professionals artists and freelancers alike, with the winner of the contest receiving their design on a Starbucks reusable cup for a limited time. As Starbucks is a popular business, their account already possessed a theme and suitable avatar, but the campaign was separate from their other content in that it used a unique hashtag for its photos that could also be used by artists submitting their ideas. As a company that uses paper cups (although recyclable) the campaign successfully marketed both Starbucks and creators, while highlighting Starbucks “greener” reusable cup.



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